Friday, July 13, 2012

I Still Drink Beer

Ok.  Quick musing to clarify a few details just in case I put a total buzzkill to your upcoming weekend with my last post.

I still like beer.  The taste of it.  The touch of it. The texture.  (I know which fans will get that reference).

Just because I have *got myself all healthy* doesn't mean I am a total whack job.  You can have your health and have fun too.  The challenge is all in the balance.  The moderation.

Problem is, us folk don't take too nicely to not having things when we want or need them. . . and its shows in our waistlines.  That was the gist of the last post.  We just can't seem to partake in a measured or moderated manner.  We take poorly as a species to self-discipline.  Its hard. It takes dedication.  But its not unachievable.  If I can do it . . .well . . really . . anyone can do it!

And when I fall down, I just pick myself back up again and move on.  No beating myself up.

I don't eat bark chips and grass clippings every day.  I am not one of *those* people. . . yet :)  However, I do prefer the 80/20 rule of thumb (or tummy :) lol!!).  80% of the time I am being a good girl to my body and my health.  Eating well.  Exercising my body as well as my demons (that, is a whole other post!).  20% of the time I reserve for having fun.  Not crazy, first-year-university-I-am-out-of-the-house-and-on-my-own crazy (sorry Ma and Pa - hope you are not reading this!) . . . but just a wee bit of indulgence in my favourite treats.

Sunday to Thursday - the 80% part of the rule (well, technically it is 71. 4286% but us girls always round up for you fellas :) is when I focus on being as good as I possibly can to myself.  I take care of this body electric and keep it running and humming with lots of veggies, fruit and protein.  Yes, I eat meat.  Fantastic, local, certified-organic, drug-free meat compliments of the coolest butcher around.  I also have upped my fish intake as well.  Gotta have those omega's to keep the hair and skin looking good.  And not to mention a good source of iodine which is key to strong neural pathways as well as for estrogen-level management in women (particularly those going through menopause).  Luckily, we also have an awesome local fish market which flies in omega and iodine-rich marine fish from the east coast as well as from around the world.

With this rich banquet so close to home and ripe for the feast, it is almost a crime not to be healthy!

So what does this have to do with beer?  Well, that is the 20% part of the rule.  And as we slide into another awesome warm weekend, there is nothing I like more than a crisp, cold beer as I commune with nature in my also-awesome garden.  If it would only just rain so my babies could get some relief from the heat!!

As part of that 20% rule, I might also satisfy my insatiable need for potato chips.  Plain Lays or Ruffles with ridges.  With Heluva Good Chip Dip - French Onion for good measure.  Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Or I might not.  The point is that you don't have suffer when you are trying to get healthy.  Of course, I am not giving you a one-way express pass to stuff yourself silly and binge on crap.  No sireee!  I am just giving you some ideas about a strategy that works wonders for me.  I have even found that with this 80/20 moderation scheme that I have deployed for my life, I don't even crave these treats as much as I thought I would (given my past, slave-like dependence on them).  Perhaps by feeding it all the good veggies, fruits and proteins over the last months, my body has re-defined what it likes and has rewired my brain to like them too!

Just try it.  Take a one week and see if you can do it.  Trust me, you (and your body) are worth it.

Enjoy your weekend and . . . Go Forth and Moderate!



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